This site, which we hope will be under continuous construction, aims to present different biological structures and organisms to better understand the different organizations and components in the three planes of space. Sequences are performed on the basis of dissections, microscope studies and data from reference books and/or literature. The limitations in the details presented are those set by the authors. A balance had to be struck between what seemed necessary for understanding and illustrating the courses, and the information that seemed superfluous given the scale set and the level of requirement of the incumbents.

The site is organized in several levels, the 2nd and 3rd levels being currently reserved for ULiège students only.

  • 3D sequences are presented to draw attention to the different levels of organization and/or to highlight specific features. These sequences are silent, which should also allow the teacher to freely comment on them.
  • Photos from the films are labelled to help the student identify the structures.