The earthworm (Lumbricus terrestris) is part of the branch of the annelids, classified in the class of Clitellates (the clitellum is a glandular and thickened portion of the epidermis) and the subclass of the Oligochètes because it has short silks on most of its segments. Several videos are presented here. The first aims to represent the general organization of a metamer, starting with the ventral nerve tube. The second is based on the same principle: the aim is to reconstitute the vermicompost metamers by gradually adding different tissues. The third is perhaps the most interesting because it allows you to visualize the vermicompost before and after the realization of different cutting planes (frontal, sagittal and transverse). The colors of the different fabrics are the same on each of the videos. Important note : In order not to complicate the general organization, the silks have been added for information purposes only, without trying to integrate them into the different fabrics.


Videos annotated in french