An integrative tool in augmented reality allowing to visualize in its smallest details an earthworm and a cell. Virtual dissection without discomfort! 

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The earthworm

The main interest is to make the link between the 3D presentation and the 2D ones usually provided in the courses. From the 3D, real histological sections are annotated. In the case of the earthworm, the metamers are represented on the one hand and the anterior part of the animal on the other hand

App lombric

The Cell

The 3D view allows you to see the relationships between the different components of the cell. A drop-down menu helps to locate the components whose main characteristics are described. Electron microscopy pictures allow to visualize the structures.

App Cellule

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Subject matter expert: Eric Parmentier
Development : TeachingWithVR
Year 2020
Medium : smartphones and tablets

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